Issue 640: Admin->Settings->General->Site Settings->Server adds an extra  
slash to the end of the url.

Comment #12 by chipx86:
Hmm.. It's __dict__ here.

One of two things is happening. Either somehow the simplejson loading code  
being executed and you're getting the raw data from the database, or  
somehow it's
represented as a string in the database, causing simplejson to deserialize  
as a string.

A couple more things to try. First, see what happens if, from that shell,  
you copy
the output of that print command and then assign that directly to
siteconfig.settings, so we're initializing it as a dict. Then call

If that fixes it, that's great. Maybe we'll have to add some protection to  
make sure
it's always a dict in case it somehow gets messed up. If not, the next  
thing would be
to modify JSONField in djblets/util/ and add some debugging to  
the "loads"
function to find out the raw data we're getting in and the raw data we're  
out, and then run the above command in comment 11 again.

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