Comment #25 on issue 1072 by yunshan.di: HTTPS Subversion repositories  
don't work with Review Board

Many thanks!

I following your suggesting, add the line to the end of the and  
apache server, and try to create a review request, but with error:
Something broke! (Error 500)

The log message of apache is:
2009-10-10 15:14:46,717 - WARNING - Could not open logfile  
Logging to stderr
2009-10-10 15:14:46,717 - INFO - Logging to /logs/reviewboard.log with a  
level of DEBUG
2009-10-10 15:14:46,717 - INFO - Log file for Review Board v1.0rc3
2009-10-10 15:14:46,779 - INFO - Home directory = ~
2009-10-10 15:14:58,030 - DEBUG - DiffParser.parse: Beginning parse of  
diff, size =
2009-10-10 15:14:58,030 - DEBUG - DiffParser.parse: Finished parsing diff.

maybe the version of review board is too old, i need switch to newer  

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