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Comment #2 on issue 1277 by chipx86: Comment Types

We're having some discussions and debates about how far to go with this  
feature. We
have absolutely no problem with adding a "Defect" checkbox, but are  
wondering if we
really do want to add severity and comment type. I think really, we need  

I agree that the data is interesting and I can see the argument for knowing  
how many
performance issues are seen, coding style issues, etc. This does of course  
depend on
people actually being good about setting these. I'm wondering how you see  
them being
used, though.

We've generally tried to keep Review Board pretty process-free, keeping it  
simple and
light-weight, but this would certainly add a lot more process to reviewing  
Historically, we've encouraged people to use their words for such things  
instead of
doing a drop-down style code review. It's easy to type "This will hinder  
due to XYZ" and generally makes communication about such things easier.

We could require a comment regardless. What I wonder then is whether people  
will be
good about making a comment *and* selecting from drop-downs for the  
severity and
type. This data is meaningless if it's not consistent.

If we provide all this, the data will need to be used in some way. I'd like  
to know
how you see it being used. If we implement this, we'd need to know how  
users would
need to use the data, or it'd end up being useful for only one group of  
people or

I'm also trying to decide if we should use a drop-down UI or not. Some  
people wnat
severity *and* comment type, but should both be available? Should comment  
type imply
a severity level? Does it even make sense to have a severity level? Should  
the types
be administrator-provided, or should users be able to create their own as  
they choose?

If we add this, I'd like it to be *really* useful for more than just  
metrics. For
example, filtering comments in such a way to tackle the big problems before  
after coding style issues. I'd like to see some more uses for it though.

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