Comment #6 on issue 1277 by lonico: Comment Types

Just to add my 2 cents. Management needs to be convinced that reviews are 'useful'.

So we need some metrics that could show that reviews are finding problems. I'd be happy with a 3 level system: Major, Minor, Info. And by counting the number of Major and Minor, I could argue that reviews are finding problems that needed to be fixed. I don't see the need for a type, but I understand opinions may vary. My point is
more to be able to make a difference between 'require a fix' and 'for info'.

My concern is about adding some red tape, and breaking the flow. We could set a default severity, but then a lot of people would just keep the default. We could
force a choice, but then, it hinders the flow.

I also would like the severity to be customizable. Though my preference would be 3 choices, we're using a defect management system that uses severities 1 to 5. So even if it's an overkill, it may be easier to use the same scale, as people are used to

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