Comment #25 on issue 489 by Jan.Koprowski: [ ] DON'T SHIP IT button

This is complex issue. Reasons of this difference come from variety of reviews occur in Open Source. In open source review system people send various requests. One will be submit, other will be discard. There is also something like "community" which can rate (ship it) idea. In commercial You get client. Only client advance ideas, fixes, features. Before implementing each of them was discussed with architects, payed (by client), approved by project leader and they MUST be implemented. When developer send code to review there is almost no option to discard or delete change. Submiting is the ultimate purpose - always. There is no need to rate this code they are acceptable or not. There is no opportunity to discard review because they only need improvement. Commercial review have very quasistate workflow Submit/Reject nothing more. No discard, no ship it, no sink it, no dammit ranking cause this code only need improvement - nothing more. They can't be discarded because client want it and payed this code.

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