Comment #29 on issue 489 by [ ] DON'T SHIP IT button

How about instead of "Ship It", "Don't Ship It", we use +1 / 0 / -1?


I've just finished reviewing some code, and I feel it's not exactly ready for the prime time. I put in my final comments regarding the review request, and then give the review request a "-1". Back in the Dashboard (or while viewing the review request), I can see that the current revision for this review request has a field in the table showing: "0 / -1" meaning that there are no +1's, and a single -1.

Another reviewer has a different opinion, however, and after their review, they give a +1. So now, in the Dashboard I see that the latest revision for this review request displays a "score" of "+1 / -1".

A third reviewer comes in, and agrees with me, so now we see:

"+1 / -2".

The reviewee modifies their review request. A new revision is uploaded, so the score is now reset at 0 / 0.

Note that a reviewer can also mark a review with "0", in the event that they have

I know that there was some concern that this would turn into a vote. I'm pretty sure the Ship It is already a "vote" though. There's just no way to vote the other way.


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