Comment #34 on issue 489 by [ ] DON'T SHIP IT button

Here's what I've been thinking:

A 3-way toggle between: "Ship it!", "Undecided", and "Hold it!" per reviewer. (See attachment)
A reviewer's default state is "Undecided".

Maybe each review will also have a counter to indicate the number of "ship it"'s and "hold it"'s the review request has received, and possibly list the reviewers who have given it the ship it's and hold it's.

Whoever is pushing the code will also be warned before pushing if the review request has any "hold it"'s, but this will not restrict them from pushing.

This will allow people to undo any Ship it/Hold it actions done intentionally or accidentally, or change their stance after a request has been updated or after further review.

        3waytoggle.png  4.5 KB

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