Comment #2 on issue 2445 by Unable to 'View Diff' when using with RhodeCode for mercurial repositories

Hi trowb,
I saw the contents of the file tmplXUpmn and tempXUpmn-new, and found that both the files are identical.
Also, the file tmplXUpmn has my index.xhtml content.

Then I compared two other files which are present in the same directory, which are:
1.  index.xhtml.diff
2.  tmplXUpmn-new.rej

When comparing both these files I found that index.xhtml.diff had this extra online as the first line in the file and the paths in the 2nd and 3rd lines were different too:

diff -r 4020b8bf5e12 -r cd26cce649a2 develop/src/modules/controller/src/main/webapp/index.xhtml --- a/develop/src/modules/controller/src/main/webapp/index.xhtml Fri Dec 16 16:07:19 2011 -0800 +++ b/develop/src/modules/controller/src/main/webapp/index.xhtml Tue Dec 20 15:03:31 2011 -0800

Whereas in tmplXUpmn-new.rej I'm having the following lines:

--- index.xhtml Fri Dec 16 16:07:19 2011 -0800
+++ index.xhtml Tue Dec 20 15:03:31 2011 -0800

I'm not sure on why the paths are different in both these files.

Please let me know if you need any more information.
I'm not sure on what to look out for in those file and any guidances would be really helpful.


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