Comment #6 on issue 2445 by Unable to 'View Diff' when using with RhodeCode for mercurial repositories

Hi Trowb,
   I found something very interesting today.
When I opened up another past review, and clicked on 'View Diff', it showed me the same error (and it was reviewboard.5q4R0F with the file tmpShBACU, etc.)

So when I opened up the file 'tmpShBACU', it was very identical to some other review that which I had submitted and had no relation to it.

Later when I logged into RhodeCode manually, I saw the source of the first landing page, i.e. RhodeCode's index page, and surprisingly, the contents of the file are nothing but the index page of RhodeCode.

Could you please let me know on why this is happening? Or what has to be done?

I can confirm that all the reviews that produced the reject files, has the same index page of RhodeCode.

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