Comment #4 on issue 2445 by Unable to 'View Diff' when using with RhodeCode for mercurial repositories

Hi, just to update, I was looking through the settings in reviewboard to see if the paths are correct, but when I open the older reviews that I had added during the old setup, i.e. Reviewboard + hgweb.cgi, when I downloaded the diffs, they are having the proper paths on the top of the file.

Similarly, when I did the same for the newer reviews that I had added with the new setup, i.e. Reviewboard + Rhodecode, similarly, the paths are all correct and they are looking normal.

Is it something to do with the authentication portion of the Reviewboard with Rhodecode? I did enter the username and password similar to the way its done for Bitbucket repositories in the 'Repo' section of the Admin Panel.

Please advice.

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