Comment #4 on issue 2490 by After installation in Windows Server 2003, reviewboard can not run!!!

I've been trying to setup Review Board on a Windows Vista box and had the same problem. Indeed, rebuilding PyCrypto with MinGW solves the problem.

As to the build problem, you probably meant a missing chown.exe tool error. It seems that you don't have MSYS installed (it's an optional part of MinGW that isn't installed by default). I guess the problem would disappear if you re-installed MinGW and chosen all the components but I simply downloaded the missing packages from the command line by (I'm not sure but think these were the only two):

mingw-get install msys-base
mingw-get install msys-sed

One more problem I ran into was that "-mno-cygwin" compiler switch is pushed into GCC by distutils ( install script) while it's not supported any longer by GCC 4, which is distributed as a part of MinGW. I read that you might customise the compiler switches used by the python extension build process using a sort of a script but it turned out I have GCC 3 (that supports -mno-cygwin) as a part of ActivePerl so I modified the Path environment variable to have a path to Perl before a path to MinGW to force GCC 3 to be used. There might be a better way to fix the problem but it did the job.

Hope that helps.

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