Comment #8 on issue 2490 by After installation in Windows Server 2003, reviewboard can not run!!!

As the error message suggests ("C:\MinGW\bin\gcc.exe") you're still somehow using MinGW version of GCC. The only thing I might suggest is double-checking that there're no typos in you Path. Also, make sure you really have GCC in your perl\bin. It might be that GCC gets there with one of the additional packages (I use Perl from time to time so I probably have a few of them) rather than the base installation.

I must stress that what I did was a clumsy (but quick for me) workaround rather than a real solution. If you really want to follow in my footsteps you might try running the perl package manager ('ppm' command that starts a small gui app) and look for mingw package (a barebones one: gcc+dmake and not much more) as it seems that Perl relies on the "legacy" GCC 3. I'm not sure but it *might* work. Google says 'ppm install MinGW' from the command line should do the job but I would run ppm gui app to make sure that there aren't more than one version of this package.

An alternative (and maybe better) solution could be to fix distutils Python module that unnecessarily adds this compiler switch. If you do a full text search for 'mno-cygwin' in the Python install directory you might even find a script that adds it but I haven't tried patching it.

Another option, MinGW itself has some legacy packages available but using them is slightly more involved because you need to be carefull not to mix and match the new and old ones e.g.

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