Comment #4 on issue 1835 by Update Djblets' versions of jQuery and jQuery UI

Hmm.. Well, we cannot provide any support to customers using jQuery versions other than what we're supporting, so that's going to be a problem. Even if we were made up-to-date with the latest jQuery, all it would take is some regression in a newer version that we have not tested but Debian has upgraded to to break us.

That would be non-obvious and hard to catch, so the question for any such errors in support requests would have to be "Are you using the Debian package? If so, stop using it." I hate to say it, but by modifying our shipped dependencies, we just can't reliably support the package.

To contrast, the Fedora group is packaging Review Board and hasn't modified what we ship, and it's been working out really well. We've been able to provide support for that.

I understand this policy for native libraries. I cannot understand it for webapps, which may have very specific requirements or even modifications to libraries. For example, we use some third-party libraries for AJAX form publishing, but have extensive modifications (allowed by the license). If you were to require use of an external package for that, you would break us.

As for packaging Django, we will not provide any support for anything but an offical, stable release. The 1.7 release *will* fail for anyone upgrading right now, and *will* fail for any updates we make to what you're currently packaging.

If you can't package 1.6.x with Django 1.3.1, I'd suggest not packaging anything right now until we release. It's just a support nightmare for us and for you.

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