Comment #3 on issue 2686 by 1.6.10 breaks svn+ssh for Subversion

No dependency changes were made. The only SCM code that changed was some file parsing for CVS and some hosting support for Mercurial, neither of which comes anywhere near the Subversion code.

Certainly nothing changed to impact SSH/rb-ssh code.

I believe it's working in 1.6.9, but that traceback is showing some communication error between rb-site and the repository. That's why I'm wondering if there happened to be some downtime as you were trying 1.6.10 that resolved itself (or someone resolved it) after. Nothing else to me is making sense right now.

I don't think there's anything more to get out of that failure. As it said, the connection was closed unexpectedly, presumably because of a server issue or it not liking something that was sent across.

Would you be able to set up a 1.6.10 on a developer box/VM/virtualenv and see if it still happens?

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