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    The Custom Support URL I'm trying to use works fine when typed straight 
into a browser. It is hosted on a separate server.
    I dug into it a bit deeeper, and it seems the http->https issue is due to 
the fact that I run Review Board (from the Bitnami package) behind an NGINX 
reverse-proxy. If I run curl on the backend: curl -I -k 
http://localhost:11000/reviewboard/support/ it returns a 302 FOUND with the 
correct Custom Support URL I configured. But a similar command against the 
reverse proxy URL returns a 302 FOUND including the https scheme.
    Although my NGINX is configured to 301-redirect http requests to https, 
since my custom support url is a on separate server not behind the reverse 
proxy, I didn't think it would be affected and assumed it was a ReviewBoard 
bug. Apparently NGINX is rewriting the 302 redirect that ReviewBoard returned. 
So it's not your fault and something I can fix in my NGINX configuration.
    That said, if you made your Get Support option a plain 'ole link to the url 
I configured rather than a redirect, it would have avoided this problem 

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