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    It would have avoided the problem, but there's a couple of reasons we have 
it set up this way.
    In a default setup, we redirect to our own support page, intended for use 
as a decent default for support. That page is keyed off of a couple of things, 
factoring in whether there's a support contract, and sending some data that 
helps us diagnose things when tickets are filed. Instead of computing that 
information (some of which requires DB lookups) on every page view, we do it 
as-needed, when the redirect URL is hit.
    It's then much easier to just keep all links to the support page 
consistent, instead of having to look up whether to use the redirect URL or use 
a custom URL. There's no risk of future links missing one condition or another. 
It also leaves room for some future improvements we might want to make.
    The final thing is that some pages are cached in the browser. For instance, 
the review request page. We have to include dynamic information when computing 
the ETags for any cacheable pages. Since the support URL can be changed (and is 
dynamic in the case of the default page, which is the 99% case), using the 
redirect is ultimately better than factoring that into cache information.

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