Hi all,

I've just convinced my board to begin using such a tool, it will
prevent me to systematically commit a fix after the push of my
colleagues ... hihi ...

I ran into trouble with Firefox3 ... Did anyone experienced the same ?

My problem is that the review-board is not able to detect that my
cookies are set on (even if they are). I had to switch to IE7 ...
Arghh ...

Before I post a bug I just wanted to be sure it's not:
1) a Django problem (Django 1.0)
2) a Debian problem (Debian-etch)
3) an Apache problem (Apache2 and mod_python)
4) a config problem (SITE_ROOT not set to "/" for instance)
5) already in the issue tracker.

By the way, about that site-root, I find it a pity that it's not in
the settings_local.py, it would have saved me at least half a day
searching on how to unroot it ...

Looking forward to the 1.0 release !

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