Hi all. I feel it's pretty essential to compare updated diffs with
baseline, but I can't find any mentioning of it in this group or the
bug tracker.

What I mean is this: suppose you have two diffs in a review request.
Right now you'll see this in the diff view:

Jump to revision: 1 2
Changes between r2 and: 1 2

If you click 1 and 2 in the second row, you get the interdiff.

But what I want to see is the diff between 2 and 1's baseline.

Why? Think of the workflow:
1) Developer posted diff 1 to be reviewed.
2) Reviewer noticed a problem.
3) Developer posted diff 2 to address it.
4) Reviewer is ok with the second change, but now s/he wants to see
the combined effect: how will baseline change once all the changes are

This is more obvious when you have many iterations. In the end you
don't care about the interdiffs any more because you have already
worked through them. You want to check the total diff between baseline
and last revision for a final review.

I think it makes sense to change the diff view to only one line:

Changes between: 0 1 2

It's more intuitive than the current two-line view, and you can
compare arbitrary versions.

If this makes sense, how difficult is it to implement?

Thanks a lot!
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