I've been running review board for a few months now, and it's diff
performance is lacking.  I can understand how it takes a while the
first time, but it doesn't seem to be caching large diffs properly.

I tried using memcached and whatnot, but it's too big for memcached
(objects sizes are maxed at 1 mb for memcached and to change it, one
needs to compile their own version with a hack).

Here's the output from memcached:
<25 set localhost:8060:diff-sidebyside-2552 1 2592000 1513712
>25 SERVER_ERROR object too large for cache

It takes a good 30 seconds to load each page of the diff (there are
5).  And each time they're reloaded it seems to be running the diff

Perhaps I'm mistaken, but the diff's aren't cached on disk, right?
Are there any plans on doing this in the future, or even need for it
other than my own?  (I'd consider making a patch for this in my spare
time if this would be useful to others than myself).

Another solution would be just making <1mb chunks of files and storing
that into memcached.

Mike Lewis
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