I upgraded from 1522 to 1570 per your suggestion.  Memcached seems to
be working properly now (after I found a work around for why it was
trying to use my home directory for the htdocs).

Viewing a page of diff went from like 30 seconds to 5-10 seconds or
so.  It's still rather slow IMO.  Is this just an issue with python?


On Nov 10, 2:44 pm, "David Trowbridge" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> We did just that about a month ago. If you update your copies of
> djblets and reviewboard, you'll notice that subsequent views for large
> diffs are much, much better.
> -David
> On Mon, Nov 10, 2008 at 2:41 PM, Mike Lewis <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> > Hi,
> > I've been running review board for a few months now, and it's diff
> > performance is lacking.  I can understand how it takes a while the
> > first time, but it doesn't seem to be caching large diffs properly.
> > I tried using memcached and whatnot, but it's too big for memcached
> > (objects sizes are maxed at 1 mb for memcached and to change it, one
> > needs to compile their own version with a hack).
> > Here's the output from memcached:
> > <25 set localhost:8060:diff-sidebyside-2552 1 2592000 1513712
> >>25 SERVER_ERROR object too large for cache
> > It takes a good 30 seconds to load each page of the diff (there are
> > 5).  And each time they're reloaded it seems to be running the diff
> > again.
> > Perhaps I'm mistaken, but the diff's aren't cached on disk, right?
> > Are there any plans on doing this in the future, or even need for it
> > other than my own?  (I'd consider making a patch for this in my spare
> > time if this would be useful to others than myself).
> > Another solution would be just making <1mb chunks of files and storing
> > that into memcached.
> > Thanks,
> > Mike Lewis
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