I might have found a bug (I am on r1537):

I added Reviewer A to a review. Reviewer A discarded the review.  As a
result, the submitter of the review (assuming other reviewers as well,
but this is what I tested) can no longer do subsequent publishes on
the review. The behavior is that you hit the publish button and the
screen goes blank. In order to get back the to review, you need to
modify the url. When the submitter returns to the review, it is still
in draft mode waiting to be published. Only when Reviewer A is removed
from the review can the submitter successfully publish the review at
which point everything seems fine now.

It appears as though discard simply removes the review from the
reviewer's incoming list. If that is the case it seems that the use
case above is valid (a reviewer should be able to discard a review if
necessary without causing the review itself a problem). However, I
admit I am not sure what discard is really supposed to do, so the
problem may be with the use case itself and my lack of understanding
of what discard does.

Please advise. Thanks!
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