So I have an instance of my review board site installed and I'm trying
to serve it over http on my LAN with apache/mod_python.

I have cut and pasted the contents of apache-modpython.conf into
httpd.conf and added a NameVirtualHost directive (NameVirtualHost *:

I was hoping to avoid DNS by simply listing my LAN address as the
ServerName. DNS is just for WAN right?

I'm having trouble accessing my review board site from the host
machine and others on the LAN. I get an HTTP 403. I'll admit I'm not
100% sure what I'm doing. Anyone have any idea what the problem could

Before I cut and pasted I was serving a test page at the same IP
address as well as a codestriker page (neither using a VirtualHost

test page at:
codestriker at :

Both of those pages still work.

i'm hoping to serve review board at and I'm
assuming the virtualhost block will override my test page but maybe
there's a conflict there

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