Hi all,

I am having a hard time trying to install reviewboard. I managed to
get it *show something* on the webserver but I can't seem to get
passed the "Manual server updates required" page.

Here's what I'm getting:

The Review Board database schema has changed since your last upgrade.
To update your schema, run:

  $ ./manage.py syncdb

Follow any additional instructions it may give you. If, for example,
it tells you to perform a schema evolution, run:

  $ ./manage.py evolve --execute

I did both of the things above, but it is still not working. I wasn't
sure which ./manage.py to use though since this is the first time ./
manage.py was mentioned since I went through the "Getting started"
instructions in the wiki.

Any idea guys? Thanks!

- Hassan

PS: Here's my settings_local.py:

# Database configuration
DATABASE_NAME = '/var/www/rt/db/reviewboard.db'

# Unique secret key. Don't share this with anybody.
SECRET_KEY = 'foobar'

# Cache backend settings.
CACHE_BACKEND = 'file:///tmp/reviewboard_cache'

# Extra site information.

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