I have read through the "Getting Started" page on the Wiki, and I'm
stuck with configuring apache2. I have run the installation script,
the database has been created, and my "reviewboard" directory exists
under /var/www/ (on Ubuntu 8.04). Pointing a browser at this directory
just gives a file listing.

The wiki page says:

"A conf directory will be created in your new site tree containing
sample web server configuration files. In most setups, these files
should just work, but some setups may require tweaking.

"If you're using Apache, you can usually copy the file to /etc/apache2/
sites-available and then create a symlink to that in /etc/apache2/
sites-enabled. This directory depends on your operating system and

Firstly... copy which file, to where, exactly? The conf directory
contains several files. Do I need to edit any of the existing Apache2
configuration files? The wiki instructions are rather vague here.

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