Sorry for the slow response, I've been busy.

We actually have hundreds of repositories and use HTTP which isn't 
always kind. I'll admit that we have some less than ideal solutions in 
place that could contribute to it being slower than a small shop but 
even if it took a half second per request it's still possible that we 
could be waiting over 50 seconds (considering 100 repositories) per 
post-review. I'm willing to take the effort to make these changes but 
I'm moreso interested in whether these changes would be excepted 
upstream or whether they conflict with the maintainers view of reviewboard.

Kevin Kubasik wrote:
> Even for a large reviewboard install (several dozen repos) I don't see
> this being a major performance benefit/detriment. Can you provide some
> numbers showing this as a problem? It seems like a largely theoretical
> slowdown.
> -Kevin
> On Tue, Feb 17, 2009 at 2:59 PM, Gary M. Josack <> wrote:
>> Disclaimer: This post is specific to SVN. I admittedly don't know much
>> about the other RCS's that reviewboard supports.
>> Would anyone be against the addition of UUID as a configurable parameter
>> when adding a repository to reviewboard or having it grab the UUID
>> automatically when you first configure it and store it? I ask because
>> currently post-review will get a list of the repositories then iterate
>> over each one until it finds a match. This seems wasteful and can take a
>> while when you have a large number of repositories to work through. The
>> UUID should not change in a repository and querying possibly every repo
>> in your list for this data to find a match seems wasteful when the list
>> of the repos can provide this data making post-review perform O(1) for
>> number of repos.
>> Any comments/questions?
>> Thanks,
>> Gary M. Josack

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