In theory, you should be able to just install the  1.0alpha1 eggs of both
Review Board and Djblets. This is completely untested and unsupported,
though. Note that in the future, you'll have a harder time with this. There
were no database schema changes between alpha 1 and 4 (to my knowledge), but
there may be between 4 and some other version.

I'm going to be committing a fix for interdiffs within a day or two. You
could wait until then and upgrade to the nightly (which will be safe enough
for use, as not much has changed since alpha 4).

I don't know what this slow popup dialog issue is. I've heard one other
person mention this but I can't reproduce it. The only way it'll get fixed,
though, is if we can gather some debug info and figure out what's causing
it. Can you tell me what versions of what browsers on what platforms they're


Christian Hammond -
Review Board -
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On Tue, Feb 24, 2009 at 1:31 PM, mary <> wrote:

> Hi,
> Since upgrading to Alpha2 many of our users have been reporting
> seriously slow response times sporadically on the review pages. This
> is making the GUI nearly unusable for some users. One page
> specifically is the popup Review comment box. This does not appear to
> be network related and so I would like to roll back to Alpha 1 to see
> if that fixes the issue.
> How do I roll back to a previous Alpha release? Can I specify an alpha
> version on install and just reinstall? It's not clear how to do this
> from the docs.
> Also, any estimate on when Alpha 5 will be ready? (We don't want to
> upgrade to Alpha4 because of bug reported w/ viewing diffs of
> revisions, which we already have problems with.)
> Thanks!
> Mary
> >

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