On 05/08/2009 10:48 PM, tom wrote:

> So, I've put together a python based tool for submitting reviews via
> perforce visual client's context menu - a wxwidgets based thing for
> launching postreview, basically. Would anyone be interested?

Yes, I was recently thinking about hacking some simple GUI with wxPython
together too. Although with SVN/git as VCS in mind (but that should
really matter since the interface aren't that different)...

> If so, there's one improvement I'd like to make. Currently, it
> requires a settings file to know what the available users and groups
> are for the review, to create the drop down lists - I'd like to query
> the review board web application if possible to determine these (and
> the set of open review ids, too)... does the web application provide
> interfaces for retrieving this easily? Is this info something the
> future RBTools module might provide in a nice way?

It should be possible through the API:

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