We're evaluating Review Board and we're having trouble using post-review
with git repositories. Basically, we keep getting an error that looks like

>>> HTTP POSTing to http://reviews.ninginc.com/api/json/reviewrequests/new/:
{'repository_path': 'test-bazel', 'submit_as': 'davidf'}
Error creating review request: The repository path specified is not in the
list of known repositories (code 206)

The repository that the post is being sent from is a clone of a repository
that lives on a gitosis server (which happens to be the same box as the
Review Board server). The repository is (as far as I know) correctly
configured in Review Board; there's a 'local' clone of the repository that
points to the 'master' repository (which, as I said, is on the same

Any clues? Any suggestions as to what we could try? I've tried a couple of
different variants for the Mirror path for the repository with no joy.

Kate Ebneter

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