I wonder how reviewboard fetches file versions from ClearCase. Now I
have strange error from /api/json/reviewrequests/74/diff/new/:
{"fields": {"path": ["cat: cat: /usr/cc_storage/unix_STREAM/.../
myjava.sql@@/main/STREAM/2: No such file or directory\n"]}, "stat":
"fail", "err": {"msg": "One or more fields had errors", "code": 105}}

It seems that reviewboard (on server side) doesn't use cleartool to
fetch version of file. This can be seen from scmtools/clearcase.py:

class ClearCaseClient:
    def __init__(self, path):
        self.path = path

    def cat_file(self, filename, revision):
        p = subprocess.Popen(
            ['cat', filename],
            close_fds=(os.name != 'nt')
        contents = p.stdout.read()
        errmsg = p.stderr.read()
        failure = p.wait()

        if not failure:
            return contents

        if errmsg.startswith("fatal: Not a valid object name"):
            raise FileNotFoundError(filename)
            raise SCMError(errmsg)

Is it mistake or my misunderstanding?

Thank you for your help!

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