I like the idea ☺ but according to the setuptools website, "Automatically 
generate wrapper scripts or Windows (console and GUI) .exe files for any number 
of "main" functions in your project. (Note: this is not a py2exe replacement; 
the .exe files rely on the local Python installation.)"

So I'd still need to install python to use them (as opposed to how py2exe works 
where you can just distribute the .exe with a .dll and away you go)

I'm working on making an automated script to just deploy python and avoid the 
whole mess, but I thought I'd ask in case someone else had investigated and 
found a solution!


Dana Lacoste

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Hey Dana,

First off, are you using the released RBTools, or the nightly? The nightly 
should automatically create .exe files when installing. It will still require 
the simplejson dependency at install time, but at least the resulting .exe will 
have it built-in. You could probably distribute that.


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On Wed, Aug 19, 2009 at 2:03 PM, Dana Lacoste 
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So, I have everything working (from trunk, with a patch that I've
uploaded for review :) to get my perforce users working with
reviewboard.  That is, I can, from Windows, run post-review and create
a review with a diff.


The only catch is that I've been asked to make it not require so many
installs: specifically, I've been asked to make a single .zip
containing all of the .dll and .exe files needed for this to run.

"OK" says I : that should be do-able.  I've done it before for other
python scripts.

But I can't for the life of me figure out how to get around the .egg
files (for rbtools and for json).  I can build a post-review-
script.exe that can't find RBTools, and I can build a postreview.exe
that can't find simple json, but I can't build what they're asking

Any suggestions?  Right now, I'm trying to get "hey, look, having
python installed isn't a bad thing!" accepted, but if anyone could
point me in the right direction I would MUCH appreciate it :)


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