On Wednesday 19 August 2009 23:03:33 Dana Lacoste wrote:
> So, I have everything working (from trunk, with a patch that I've
> uploaded for review :) to get my perforce users working with
> reviewboard.  That is, I can, from Windows, run post-review and create
> a review with a diff.
> WooHoo!
> The only catch is that I've been asked to make it not require so many
> installs: specifically, I've been asked to make a single .zip
> containing all of the .dll and .exe files needed for this to run.
> "OK" says I : that should be do-able.  I've done it before for other
> python scripts.
> But I can't for the life of me figure out how to get around the .egg
> files (for rbtools and for json).  I can build a post-review-
> script.exe that can't find RBTools, and I can build a postreview.exe
> that can't find simple json, but I can't build what they're asking
> for.

How are you building the .exe? I am using py2exe with an older, but highly 
customized version of post-review (so I do not know whether this works with 
RBTools) and have been successful with the following setup.py script (you need 
to adjust the icon/data file references to make this work with the vanilla 

-- 8< --
from distutils.core import setup
import py2exe

      windows = [{"script": 'post-review.py', "icon_resources": [(1, 
"gui/icons/review.ico")], 'dest_base': "post-review-gui"}], 
      console = [{"script": 'post-review.py', "icon_resources": [(1, 
      options = {"py2exe": {
                            "compressed": 1,
                            "optimize": 2
      data_files = [("gui/icons",
                     ["gui/icons/review.png", "gui/icons/review.ico"]),
                     ["msys/rbdiff.exe", "msys/msys-1.0.dll"]),

-- 8< --


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