So, I have everything working (from trunk, with a patch that I've
uploaded for review :) to get my perforce users working with
reviewboard.  That is, I can, from Windows, run post-review and create
a review with a diff.


The only catch is that I've been asked to make it not require so many
installs: specifically, I've been asked to make a single .zip
containing all of the .dll and .exe files needed for this to run.

"OK" says I : that should be do-able.  I've done it before for other
python scripts.

But I can't for the life of me figure out how to get around the .egg
files (for rbtools and for json).  I can build a post-review-
script.exe that can't find RBTools, and I can build a postreview.exe
that can't find simple json, but I can't build what they're asking

Any suggestions?  Right now, I'm trying to get "hey, look, having
python installed isn't a bad thing!" accepted, but if anyone could
point me in the right direction I would MUCH appreciate it :)


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