Hello Christian,
Actually the original installation is on a different server and it is
using "Custom" authentication method with
in the Backends field. I didn't want to disturb that installation so I
installed a fresh copy of 1.0.1 and now I am trying to upgrade a copy
of the original database. Maybe this this new server doesn't have this
"backend" thing? I am not exactly sure what it is to begin with. Is
there a way to change the auth type somewhere in the database since I
can't seem to authenticate?

I did restart the webserver and memcached after upgrade.

The original installation is at least at least couple of years old.


On Aug 31, 1:24 pm, Christian Hammond <chip...@chipx86.com> wrote:
> Hi Kash,
> What login method were you using? Standard auth, or something like
> LDAP/ActiveDirectory?
> How old was your 0.9 install?
> Did you restart your web server after the upgrade?
> I can't think of a thing that changed that would cause auth to fail.
> Christian
> --
> Christian Hammond - chip...@chipx86.com
> Review Board -http://www.review-board.org
> VMware, Inc. -http://www.vmware.com
> On Mon, Aug 31, 2009 at 12:46 PM, Kash <kashifsal...@gmail.com> wrote:
> > Hello Folks,
> > I went through the upgrade steps and upgraded reviewboard from 0.9 to
> > 1.0.1 and in the end ran the command (output also shown)
> > r...@reviewboard:/var/www# rb-site upgrade /var/www/review
> > Rebuilding directory structure
> > Updating database. This may take a while.
> > Upgrading Review Board from 0.9 to 1.0.1
> > There are unapplied evolutions for reviews.
> > There are unapplied evolutions for scmtools.
> > Project signature has changed - an evolution is required
> > Installing json fixture 'initial_data' from '/usr/lib/python2.5/site-
> > packages/ReviewBoard-1.0.1-py2.5.egg/reviewboard/scmtools/fixtures'.
> > Installed 7 object(s) from 1 fixture(s)
> > Evolution could not be simulated, possibly due to raw SQL mutations
> > Evolution successful.
> > That all seems good, doesn't it? But when I go to the webpage and try
> > to login I cannot login. I looked in the mysql database and all the
> > users are still there. I even tried to create another superuser using
> > the command
> > $ rb-site manage /path/to/site createsuperuser
> > But I still cannot login. Any help would be appreciated.
> > Kash

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