I'm trying to get Review Board fired up for testing.  I got most everything
set up.  I skipped PyLucene and memcached, at least for now (couldn't get
cmemcache to build on Sol10).  I successfully ran rb-site install and think
I copied the necessary bits from the generated lighttpd.conf file into the
config file I'm using.

I got an Internal Server Error when I tried to access the home page (it
worked before I added the lighttpd.conf stuff).  Then I remembered I needed
to set PYTHONPATH, so added a bin-environment clause to my config.  Now when
I try to access the home page I get a 404.  Interestingly enough, I can get
to the loging/register/admin pages, so *something* is working.

Warning: Not only am I a Review Board novice, this is my first exposure to
either lighttpd or Django.  It's quite likely that the changes necessary to
get be going are pretty trivial.

Where do I go from here?


Skip Montanaro

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