Reviewboard is a great for publicizing proposed changes to a complex

However, when there are many team members and a lot of review requests
flying around, it is rather difficult to manage everything.   (Or
maybe I don't know how to use ReviewBoard correctly?)

It would be nice if ReviewBoard had the following to help manage heavy
  - only show requests that need your action - Tennis Ball model
  - request priority

Only show requests that need your action - Tennis Ball model
Currently, a review stays in everyone's view until the requester has
marked it submitted, etc.  This tends to clutter one's view and makes
it unclear what you need to act upon.

It would be better if ReviewBoard implemented a tennis / ping pong

What I mean by that is the review should only be in someone's view
when they need to act on the review.   Once the reviewer has commented
and/or marked it "Ship It", that is like hitting the ball back to the
requester's court.  It should no longer appear in that particular
reviewer's view, because they have already acted upon it.  It should
now show up in the requester's view, because someone has commented and
perhaps found a problem.

Request Priority
Some code changes are for future releases, a lower priority.  Others
are for a critical fix, or trying to make a code freeze deadline- a
higher priority.  There currently isn't a way for a requester to
indicate that a particular review is important and needs to be looked
at quickly.

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