> The easiest way to post to Review Board is to use post-review, part of
> RBTools (see the downloads page and user manual). This will handle
> creating the review request and diff and uploading with all the
> correct information.

Thanks.  I created a .reviewboardrc file to specify the URL then

    post-review -r 2

(I intended to update an existing review).  It munched for a bit, then
me for my RB username and password, then exited with this error:

    Unable to access 
The host path may be invalid
    HTTP Error 503: Service Not Available

I looked all over the admin settings to see if there was something I
needed to
do to enable JSON access but didn't see anything.  What am I missing?



> You do need one repository entry per actual CVS repository though,
> which will cover all modules in that repository.
> Christian
> On Thursday, October 8, 2009, Skip Montanaro <skip.montan...@gmail.com> wrote:
> > We have one big CVS repository.  I'd like to create multiple logical
> > repositories for ReviewBoard use.  For example, we have one project
> > called Snake:
> >     :pserver:u...@cvs:/cvs/python/modules/snake
> > We have lots of application code stored there as well, e.g.:
> >     :pserver:u...@cvs:/cvs/apps/snakeCharmer
> > The CVSROOT is :pserver:u...@cvs:/cvs.  Can I create a logical Snake
> > repository and another repo for the snakeCharmer app with extended
> > path names or must people submitting review requests know to always
> > include the path from ...:/cvs to the base of the diff?  To make it
> > more concrete, suppose I want to submit a diff to snakeCharmer as a
> > review request.  The normal way to diff would be (I think):
> >     cd .../apps/snakeCharmer
> >     cvs diff > request.diff
> > then submit request.diff for review.  Is there some way to create a
> > snakeCharmer "repository" which knows about "apps/snakeCharmer" and
> > makes it unnecessary for the user to always enter that as the base
> > path to request.diff?
> > My apologies for all these elementary questions.  I'm sure the
> > frequency will decrease as I gain experience.
> > Thx,
> > Skip Montanaro
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> Review Board -http://www.review-board.org
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