>     post-review -r 2
> (I intended to update an existing review).  It munched for a bit, then
> asked
> me for my RB username and password, then exited with this error:
>     Unable to access 
> http://<servername>/reviews/api/json/reviewrequests/2/diff/new/.
> The host path may be invalid
>     HTTP Error 503: Service Not Available

I eventually got around this problem.  Not sure how.  In any case I am
able to
successfully post-review for our Subversion repository.

I still can't post-review for CVS though.  Here's my CVS/Root:


I never set CVSROOT.  cvs.trdlnk.com is an alias for
When I try to create a review from our CVS repository using post-
review it thinks for
a bit then responds:

    Error creating review request: The repository path specified is
not in the list of known repositories (code 206)

I found that message (webapi/json.py I believe), then added an "import
logging" and a logging.error() call
to tell me what the invalid path was.  In my reviewboard.log file I

    2009-10-09 19:40:12,695 - ERROR - Invalid repository path:

Where is it coming up with vicksburg?  I tried fiddling with my CVS
repository path through the website, then
killing reviewboard.fcgi to make sure the change was picked up.  Where
is it picking up u'vicksburg:/cvs'?



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