We have one big CVS repository.  I'd like to create multiple logical
repositories for ReviewBoard use.  For example, we have one project
called Snake:


We have lots of application code stored there as well, e.g.:


The CVSROOT is :pserver:u...@cvs:/cvs.  Can I create a logical Snake
repository and another repo for the snakeCharmer app with extended
path names or must people submitting review requests know to always
include the path from ...:/cvs to the base of the diff?  To make it
more concrete, suppose I want to submit a diff to snakeCharmer as a
review request.  The normal way to diff would be (I think):

    cd .../apps/snakeCharmer
    cvs diff > request.diff

then submit request.diff for review.  Is there some way to create a
snakeCharmer "repository" which knows about "apps/snakeCharmer" and
makes it unnecessary for the user to always enter that as the base
path to request.diff?

My apologies for all these elementary questions.  I'm sure the
frequency will decrease as I gain experience.


Skip Montanaro

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