I've just finished installing reviewboard, using mysql as the db.
When I select 'new review request', the change number, base directory,
and diff path fields are hidden.  I don't see any input fields, but
using viewing the HTML source I can see that their display properties
are set to 'none' to hide them:

<tr id="row_changenum" style="display: none;">
<tr id="row_basedir" style="display: none;">
<tr id="row_diff_path" style="display: none;">

Using Firebug I can change style to display the fields and then fill
in the values and submit a review request.  However my request is
marked as 'Draft', and when I click on it under 'All Review Requests'
I get a 500 error.

I tried to turn on logging in the admin settings but I can't get the
change to be saved.  After entering in the log directory it says
'settings saved', but when I go back to the admin | settings | logging
page 'enable logging' has been unchecked and the directory box cleared

I'm guessing I must have set something up wrong but I'm not sure where
to start looking.  Any clues would be greatly appreciated.



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