I'm setting a new dedicated (Ubuntu) server to host my Review Board

Old site is running Review Board 1.0.3 and is sqlite based.
New site is at 1.0.4 and is MySQL based.

I'm trying to migrate the DB from the old site to the new. I tried doing it
using rb-site manage dumpdata/loaddata;

On old machine:
rb-site manage /var/www/reviewboard dumpdata > /tmp/dbdump

On new machine:
sudo rb-site manage /var/www/reviewboard.server.com loaddata < /tmp/dbdump

No errors were reported, but nothing was actually loaded.

Is there any procedure that should work? I've also found one detailed at
http://www.djangosnippets.org/snippets/167/ .

Also, about the difference in RB versions. Do I need to upgrade my old
installation before dumping the DB?


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