Christian Hammond wrote:
> At the time we wrote search, this functionality didn't exist. However, 
> it's still too limited for our needs.
> .....
> I'm hoping to find a better solution in the long term, but I don't 
> believe that the native database full text search is it. Now, maybe if 
> we developed a custom solution that provided tables for storing the 
> pre-processed search indexes and then searched from that using full 
> text search. If we go this route, what I'd like to do is split off the 
> search functionality into its own django app in our tree 
> ( and add a backends directory with different 
> search backends (, We'd then need a nice 
> API that wraps the backends. I'd be all for a solution like this.

Have you seen Haystack? - specific to Django 
(models) with a few different search backends implemented.

The closest/similar thing is which is not 
Django specific (but has not been updated in a while).


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