Dan Savilonis wrote:
> Lobby for http://reviews.reviewboard.org/r/1144/ to get committed and
> you should be all set. :) For now, the only options are to use the web
> form or specify a revision range manually.

Consider this me +1 for this ;-)

> Can you explain more about the error with the web form? You mentioned
> git diff, and if you meant that literally, that would end up diffing
> your working copy changes against whatever is your HEAD. If your HEAD
> is not a revision in the remote repository, RB won't understand what
> you are diffing against.

Thanks to your hint I (think I) have this working now (I have a review 
ready to go). So this was user error/trouble learning git.

I was assuming a diff was all I needed (and the branch would be 
assumed), what I needed to do was:

    git diff HEAD file1 file2.....

i.e. add the HEAD.

Thanks again!


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