We're running 1.1alpha1.dev-r2026 and it's been great for the six
months or so we've been using it. As of yesterday, I consistently get
an error 207 (file not found) whenever I include a diff involving
existing files. New files are OK. Very odd since nothing's changed.
Repository URL is correct, etc. Log isn't helpful, it just says
"notfound!" I tried cloning my local repository to start afresh, same
problem as soon as I make changes to existing files and post a review.
Other people are still successfully using our installation of post-
review, so I feel like it's probably a problem in my repo, but I can't
figure out what.

Let me know what other info would be helpful. Thanks!

>>> svn info
>>> git rev-parse --git-dir
>>> git svn --version
>>> git config --get svn-remote.svn.url
>>> git remote show origin
>>> repository info: Path: g...@github.xxx/xxx.git, Base path: , Supports 
>>> changesets: False
>>> git config --get reviewboard.url
>>> git diff --no-color HEAD^
>>> git diff --no-color origin/master HEAD^
>>> Looking for 'reviews.xxx.org /' cookie in 
>>> /home/kalvin/.post-review-cookies.txt
>>> Loaded valid cookie -- no login required
>>> Attempting to create review request for None
>>> HTTP POSTing to http://reviews.xxx.org/api/json/reviewrequests/new/: 
>>> {'repository_path': 'g...@github.com:xxx/xxx.git'}
>>> Review request created
>>> Uploading diff, size: 402
>>> Uploading parent diff, size: 5236
>>> HTTP POSTing to 
>>> http://reviews.xxx.org/api/json/reviewrequests/258/diff/new/: {}
Error uploading diff: The file was not found in the repository (207)
>>> {'stat': 'fail', 'file': 'common/user.php', 'err': {'msg': 'The file was 
>>> not found in the repository', 'code': 207}, 'revision': '5f22949'}
Your review request still exists, but the diff is not attached.

2009-10-23 13:50:34,705 - INFO - Log file for Review Board v1.1 alpha
1 (dev)
2009-10-23 13:55:49,834 - DEBUG - ggg file_str common/user.php,
revision_str 5f22949, revision 5f22949
2009-10-23 13:55:49,855 - DEBUG - wee, revision 5f22949, file diff,
basedir , f.origfile common/user.php, f.originfo 5f22949, check_exist
2009-10-23 13:55:49,856 - DEBUG - rev 5f22949, path common/user.php,
resolve_head 5f22949
2009-10-23 13:55:51,243 - DEBUG - notfound!

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