Christian Hammond wrote:
> Actually, I wouldn't mind such a parameter. (though, --diff-filename, 
> as we don't use underscores in parameter names). There's actually a 
> patch up for review for accepting via stdin (though it's a bit stale 
> and isn't the design we want), so I guess there are more people who 
> want this.
> If you'd like to contribute it, we'd take it, but I'd ask that you 
> make the diff uploading part generic and not part of any SCMClient 
> subclass, and that it allow "-" as a value, at which point we'd read 
> from stdin. We should be able to just bypass the diff generation part 
> of the SCMClient and instead read the data in ourselves and use it.

The tricky thing is that one has to know which scm to use with the diff. 
By default a process is spawned to check if (say) svn is the scm in use 
in this directory. Assuming no one else wants this capability (avoiding 
processing spawning) I can contribute something ;-)

NOTE this does not fulfill the "read from stdin" requirement, I do not 
have the time to test this out (e.g. does reading the password work if a 
prompt starts) so I've not attempted to implement this feature but 
someone else is welcome to make a stab at it. Do you have the original 
review for read from stdin? Maybe they would be interested in completing 


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