> When I press Save, I now get a message at the top of the screen (just under
> "Add repository" and above "General Information") says:
> [Icon of red circle with white hyphen] "Please correct the error below."
> [Icon of yellow/orange triangle with white exclamation mark] "global name
> 'logging' is not defined"
OK, here is the fix for that:

diff --git a/reviewboard/scmtools/svn.py b/reviewboard/scmtools/svn.py
index 2d42247..843b101 100644
--- a/reviewboard/scmtools/svn.py
+++ b/reviewboard/scmtools/svn.py
@@ -1,3 +1,4 @@
+import logging
 import re
 import urllib
 import urlparse

I can now create the Repository.


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