Thanks for the quick response on those queries.

On Friday 01 January 2010 04:58:36 Christian Hammond wrote:
> The documentation doesn't match because it covers 1.0.x, and you're
> running the 1.1 (soon 1.5) development branch.
I guessed this is the case. I was just a bit optimistic when I saw that
there was a manual for the "dev" version :-)

> You shouldn't have to add the scmtools by hand. Did you run the
> prepare-dev script? It should do it for you. If you did and it failed,
> run ' install' and then ./reviewboard/
> registerscmtools'
I did run the prepare-dev script, and it appeared to work (extract from
my original email below).
> On Thursday, December 31, 2009, bradh <> wrote:
> > I'm trying to follow the instructions at
> >
> >ted and it looks like its mostly working. The script ends
> > with "Your Review Board tree is ready for development."
So I tried running " install" in the reviewboard checkout. It
appears that it can't find a suitable version of djblets, even after I
tried installing (again with " install") the git version.of djblets.
The " install" of reviewboard ends with:

Installed /usr/lib/python2.6/site-packages/
Processing dependencies for
Searching for Djblets>=0.5.7
No local packages or download links found for Djblets>=0.5.7
error: Could not find suitable distribution for 


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