grimbeaver wrote:
I need a simple way to get the total number of reviews in a group.
We've assigned all the code reviews into groups based on project.
Project management has to report the total number of code reviews
completed for a project to our partner.  When you look at the group
view it only gives you a count of the pending reviews, no total
count.  Obviously in an ideal world there will be better reports some
day, but for now I just need an easy way to get this number when

Off the top of my head there are 2 options:

  1. use the Django manage shell and write simple Python queries
  2. access the database directly, e.g. using native sql terminal
     monitor tools and query the table(s) directly

I don't have queries for these but it probably wouldn't take long by poking around. The Django tutorials are pretty good if you want to try option #1 which requires basic Python skills. Option #2 requires basic SQL skills.

If you create useful scripts they would be good to post back to the mailing list.


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