On 03/09/2010 03:24 PM, Christian Hammond wrote:
> Hi Stephen,
> You could modify the list of dependencies to not require it, and then
> patch the code to conditionally use it (it might be conditional
> today). You'd have to go this route for each version, though.
> There's not much we can do on our side without complicating things.
> The goal is to make installation as simple as possible for most users,
> and introducing the requirement to manually install dependencies like
> this goes against that. So we're going to continue bundling reCAPTCHA,
> for the time-being. I'd really like down the road to be able to
> auto-install these packages from within Review Board, but that's a
> ways off.
> Christian

Eh, I can handle packaging python-reCAPTCHA and including it, I was just
curious if there was a sensible way to avoid the dependency, especially
since I suspect that most deployments won't use it (instead tying into
LDAP, Active Directory or other pre-existing user store)

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