Hi guys.  I've been playing with the multiple revisions support in

I was wondering what people think about these two suggestions:

1. It would be nice to be able to compose changesets.  For instance,
if I have one changeset under review, it then gets reviewed, then I
post a second changeset that is based on the first changeset, it would
be neat to be able to see the diff from pre-first diff to post-second
diff.  I understand that currently, it is possible to see the diff
from post-first diff to post-second diff.

2. Given that #1 is not currently a feature, I am instructing all of
my users to update review requests with changesets that are based on
the same initial revision.  This way, the reviewer can see what's new
in the second revision, as well as the full second revision.  I'm
wondering whether it would be worth optionally enforcing this as a
feature, or warning the user if the different revisions have different

My question #2 may be related to my other question at


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