Can someone explain the following lines from the documentation:

"If you use Perforce, though, you’ll need to use post-review  instead
of the web UI. Note that this means you can’t just use a standard diff
generated by the diff tool. You’ll need to consult your version
control system’s documentation for information on generating diffs."

"post-review must be used if you’re using Perforce with Review Board,
as the diff generated by p4 diff doesn’t provide the information
necessary to properly display a side-by-side diff."

I am interpreting this to mean that I cannot use Perforce's built in
diff tool (P4Merge). But, you could interpret this as meaning you can
use P4Diff with post-review. I am currently up and running using
Perforce + GNU DiffUtil which is working fine, but I just wanted some
clarity on this point (it would save having to install another 3rd
party tool).

What is it exactly about Perforce that limits the use of the WebUI?


 - Ron

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